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Interview with Pietro Piller Cottrer: "The main goal are the world championships 50km in Oslo."
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Interview with Pietro Piller Cottrer: "The main goal are the world championships 50km in Oslo."

Info: Weitere Sportlerinterviews und Terminplan
Autor: Patrick Chojnowski, Johann Reinhardt

The Italian Pietro Piller Cottrer was available for an interview with LiVE-Wintersport.com. This article kicks off a series of interviews with several world class athletes. On Saturday and on Sunday, interviews with Ivan Babikov and Aino-Kaisa Saarinen follow. During his career Piller Cottrer won gold with the relay at the Olympic Games and at the worlds in Oberstdorf in the 15km freestyle race. In Vancouver he took silver for the same distance and came home very contended. Apart from that he talks to us about his further goals and - of course - about the legendary cap with the yellow bobble.

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Which experiences did you have at the Olympic Games in Vancouver in your competitions?
Proud of me because I put my finger on the February 15th, 15km skating like my goal, and I make it happened.

Which impression did you have of the Olympic Village?
This was my first experience at an Olympic Village and it was nice to be there and share lot of time with lot of athletes from different nations, but to be well focused on results I rather prefer to live outside in private house with our own chefs.

What experiences did you have in your free time at the Olympics in Canada?
I had races from the beginning till the end, so no free time for me. I was there to compete not in vacation... :-)

Which goals do you have for the next season?
The main goal are the world championship's 50km in Oslo.

What does your training consist of in summer and autumn before the first world cup competitions start?
Like always, running, roller ski, strength and of course skiing lot of skiing.

Did you test something new in training or did you change your training somehow? The Olympic season is finished and a new four year-cycle has begun.
No big changing, more running compare to the past years.

What happened that you started cross-country skiing?
Nothing special, my dad was too scared watching me in alpine skiing and put me in into cross-country, I still thank him for that decision... ;-)

Cross-country is a traditional sport with individual races. Now, there are a lot of competitions held in mass starts such as race stages. What is your opinion about the new types of competitions and which of them do you like or even prefer?
I born as a skier with the old system of races and I still prefer this way of cross-country. Mass starts are too much tactic. The best race ever is the "Gundersen" which will return next season.

As a rule you are better in skating than in the classic technique, at least with regards to your results up to now. Which differences are there in the training between the both techniques and what is the difficulty to be in both techniques on a high level?
This is a question I still have to give myself an answer and since many years trying to make as good results in classic as in skating. Let’s see if it will happen soon or later.

When you were eight years old you started at a FIS race, since 1994 at world cup events, too. Now we have the year 2010. Which are the biggest differences in the cross-country skiing between the time your career was in the beginning and now?
I didn't start with a FIS race at eight years! I start competing at 10 in my area races. From '94 till now a lot changed in cross-country skiing, especially the high level of a lot of athletes from many different nations.

You often wear a yellow bobble hat which is your trademark. What is behind this cap?
It’s not often but ALWAYS, :-) I started at OG '02 in Salt Lake City just for fun and after that soon it started to be my trade mark worldwide. Now everyone recognizes me for it and a lot of fun wanted. Few years ago I sold 300 for charity.

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Pietro Piller Cottrer winning the world cup race in Whistler 2009 (© www.pietropiller.com)
Pietro Piller Cottrer winning the world cup race in Whistler 2009 (© www.pietropiller.com)

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