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ISSUís inaugural visit to President J. Fendt in the FIL office
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ISSUís inaugural visit to President J. Fendt in the FIL office

The representatives of the recently founded ISSU (International Sledge Sports Union) paid their first visit to the FIL office in Berchtesgaden.

FIL President Josef Fendt, Vice President Harald Steyrer, and Executive Director Christoph Schweiger had the opportunity to learn about details of the ISSUís goals in a very constructive and friendly discussion with ISSU representatives, Johannes Geiger (finances and administration) and Dietmar Herbst (Vice President Technical Matters and Sport). Both the FIL and the ISSU are interested in a constructive and cooperative partnership. The FIL is and remains responsible solely for the sports artificial track luge and natural track luge as well as horn sled sport through the 2012/13 season, as set in its statutes.
(source: http://www.fil-luge.org)

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From left: Johannes Geiger, Dietmar Herbst, Josef Fendt, Harald Steyrer, Christoph Schweiger

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